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MD Endoscopy is a leader in the sale of refurbished, pre-owned Olympus endoscopy equipment. We offer one of the largest inventories of refurbished endoscopes and endoscopy products in the world. We provide high quality refurbished endoscopes and equipment from manufacturers such as Olympus and Pentax.

Gloved Hand Holding Endoscope

We SELL Used Olympus Colonoscopes:

CF-HQ190L | CF-H190L | PCF-PH190L | PCF-H190DL | PCF-H190L | CF-H180AL | CF-Q180AL | PCF-H180AL | PCF-Q180AL | CF-2T160L | CF-Q160AL | CF-Q160L | CF-Q140L

We SELL Used Olympus Gastroscopes:

GIF-HQ190 | GIF-H190 | GIF-1TH190 | GIF-XP190N | GIF-H180J | GIF-H180 | GIF-Q180 | GIF-N180 | GIF-XP180N | GIF-2T160 | GIF-Q160 | GIF-160 | GIF-XP160 | GIF-Q140 | GIF-140

We SELL Used Olympus Bronchoscopes:

BF-H190 | BF-1TH190 | BF-Q190 | BF-MP190F | BF-P190 | BF-XP190 | BF-1T180 | BF-Q180AC | BF-Q180 | BF-1TQ180 | BF-P180 | BF-P160 | BF-1T160 | BF-160 | BF-3C160

We SELL Used Olympus Processors/Light Sources:

CV-190 | CLV-190 | CV-180 | CLV-180 | CV-160 | CLV-160 | CV-140 | CLV-U40

We SELL Used Pentax Colonoscopes:

EC-3890Li | EC-3890LK | EC-3890TLK | EC-3490Li | EC-3490LK | EC-3872TLK | EC-3872LK | EC-3870LK | EC-3470LK

We SELL Used Pentax Gastroscopes:

EG-2990i | EG-2990K | EG2790K | EG-1690K | EG-1580K | EG-2970K | EG-2770K | EG-2470K | EG-1870K

We SELL Used Pentax Processor/Light Sources:

EPK-i7000 | EPK-i5010 | EPK-i | EPK-1000

MD Endoscopy, Inc. carries pre-owned flexible endoscopes, which includes bronchoscopes, colonoscopes, gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, sigmoidoscopes, intubation scopes, rhinolaryngoscopes, cystoscopes and ureteroscope. We also have a selection of video processors and light sources. These are available from the top industry brands, including Olympus, Pentax, Storz, and a number of other manufacturers. All of our products meet all OEM specifications. See our wide array of pre-owned endoscopes by manufacturer or scope type. If you would like additional information, give us a call at (800) 866-3636.

If you are interested in pre-owned endoscope pricing, click an individual product and then click the Request Quote or Request more Information button. Check back for updated products, as we are constantly updating our inventory.

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