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Endoscope Repair and Maintenance

M.D. Endoscopy repairs every model of endoscope from Olympus, Pentax and Fujinon. We offer the most comprehensive endoscope repair warranty in the industry. 12-mth warranty on all individual repairs and 24-mth warranty on entire endoscope for all complete refurbishments/overhauls.

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Olympus and Pentax Professional Endoscope Repair

Repair Flexible Scopes

Every flexible endoscope we receive for repair undergoes a complete 42 point diagnostic check to identify current issues and detect future repair issues. This information is then sent to you so that you can make an informed decision regarding the maintenance of your instrument. Our goal is to provide you with many years of trouble free service from your equipment. M.D. Endoscopy can repair all your endoscopes, flexible scopes, medical scopes, endoscopy equipment and accessories.

  • Flexible Videoscopes (Olympus 190, 180, 165, 160, 150, 145, 140, 130, 100 series) (Pentax 90i, 90k, 80k, 72k, 70k, 31k, 30k, 40, 31, 30 series)
  • Flexible Fiberscopes (All Olympus and Pentax Fiber Colonoscopes, Gastroscopes, Duodenoscopes and small diameter endoscopes)
  • Video Processors (Olympus CV-190, CV-180, CV-160, CV-140, CV-100 series) (Pentax EPK-i, EPK-1000, EPK-700, EPM-3500, EPM-3300, EPM-3000 series)
  • Video Cameras (All Olympus and Pentax models)
  • Xenon and Halogen Light Sources (Olympus CLV-190, CLV-180, CLV-160, CLV-U40, CLV-U20, CLK-4, CLK-3 series) (Pentax LH-150P, LH-150PA)
  • Video Printers (Olympus OEP-5. OEP-4, OEP-3) (Sony UP-55MD, UP-51MDU)
  • Flexible Biopsy Forceps (All makes and models)

Can Endoscopes Be Repaired?

You bet! M.D. Endoscopy offers a complete repair service for all brands of flexible endoscopes, medical scopes, video processors, cameras, light sources, endoscopic instruments and accessories. With over 35 combined years of endoscopy equipment repair experience in Surgical Equipment and Endoscopic products, our technicians at M.D. Endoscopy understand scopes. We offer you:
  • Free Estimates on all endoscope repairs
  • Highest caliber, highest quality repairs by skilled OEM trained technicians
  • Single source for all your endoscope requirements
  • An independent alternative to the manufacturer’s high prices
  • Realistic and fair prices for services actually rendered
  • 50% to 60% savings off the manufacturer’s repair prices
  • Fast 1 to 5 day turn-around depending on level of repair plus WEEKEND repair service

What more could you ask for? How about a 50% discount on your first minor or major repair? (Small diameter Complete Refurbishments Excluded).

All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to show you what we can do, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

Minor Endoscope Repairs
returned within 1 to 2 days
Air/Water O-Ring Replacement $45.00
Clear Clogged Air/Water Nozzle $60.00
Air/Water Sprinkler Head Replacement $110.00
Adjust Angulation $155.00
Tighten Angulation Controls $205.00
Replace Bending Sheath $150.00
Remove Light Guide Contamination $250.00
Elevator Cable Adjustment $165.00
Repair Leaking Control Assembly $420.00
Repair Frozen Control Mech. #1 $240.00
Repair Frozen Control Mech. #2 $270.00
Repair Crushed Insertion Tube $85.00
Repair Frozen Focus Mechanism $270.00
Replace C-cover $90.00
Repair Leaking Eyepiece $270.00
Replace Video Button #1 $250.00
Repair ETO Valve $90.00
Replace Light Guide Window $120.00
Replace Elevator Bar $275.00
Install Boot Extender $245.00
Resurface Objective Lens $90.00
Ocular Rebuild $350.00
Major Endoscope Repairs
returned within 3 to 4 days
Air/Water Channel Replacement $700.00
Replace Broken Controls on Angulation $350.00
Replace Angulation Cables $1,000.00
Replace Biopsy Channel $850.00
Replace Elevator Cable Sheath $1,300.00
Replace Cable Sheath (Coil Pipes) $1,300.00
Replace Elevator Cable $750.00
Remove Minor Fluid Contamination $295.00
Remove Major Fluid Contamination $420.00
Remove Fluid Contamination from Objective Lens $550.00
Replace Suction Channel $450.00
Replace Fiber Optic Light Guide $1,200.00
Replace Light Guide Tube $1,500.00
Replace Insertion Tube $1,750.00
Replace Video Buttons Block $350.00
Repair CCD Chip $1,500.00
Repair Wire Harness $1,300.00
Rewire Video Hub $575.00
Replace Suction Cylinder $440.00
Remove Spider Web “Red Crack” from Image $600.00
Complete endoscope overhauls
returned within 5-7 days
FREE loaner available upon request
Olympus 100 Series Endoscope Overhaul $1,750.00
Olympus 130 Series Endoscope Overhaul $2,000.00
Olympus 140 Series Endoscope Overhaul $2,500.00
Olympus 160 Series Endoscope Overhaul $3,000.00
Olympus 180 Series Endoscope Overhaul $4,000.00
Olympus 190 Series Endoscope Overhaul $5,000.00

The Industry's Best Medical Scope Repair Service

Complete Olympus Endoscope and Pentax Endoscope overhaul includes replacing both tubes and all internal components returning the scope to like new OEM condition, therefore we offer our 24-month warranty on these endoscope overhaul repairs. The above overhauls include all Olympus Video Endoscope Repairs including Olympus Video Gastroscope Repairs, Olympus Video Colonoscope Repairs, Olympus Video Duodenoscope Repairs, Olympus Video Bronchoscope Repairs, Olympus Video Sigmoidoscope Repairs and all Pentax Video Endoscope Repairs including Pentax Video Gastroscope Repairs, Pentax Video Colonoscope Repairs, Pentax Video Duodenoscope Repairs, Pentax Video Bronchoscope Repairs, Pentax Video Sigmoidoscope Repairs.

Repair of Video Processors, All Electronic Components and small diameter repairs which include rhinolaryngoscopes, intubation scopes, cystoscopes, bronchoscopes, ureteroscopes will be quoted separately. Quotation given upon inspection. Full Evaluations and Quotations are provided prior to commencement of any work.

We continue to offer specific brand repair services such as Olympus Repair, Pentax Repair, Fujinon Repair, Storz Repair and more.

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