Olympus EXERA III BF-H190 Video Bronchoscope


-Warranty: 24-Months
-Return Policy: 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 
-Condition: Certified Pre-Owned | Refurbished

  • Diameter: 5.1mm
  • Working Length: 60cm
  • Instrument Channel: 2.0mm
  • Field of View: 120 degrees
  • Angulation Range:  Up: 210, Down: 130, Right: 120, Left: 120
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For Sale: Refurbished Olympus BF-H190 HD Diagnostic Bronchoscopes

Certified Pre-Owned Used Olympus BF-H190 Video Bronchoscope Completely Refurbished with 24 Month Warranty.

The revolutionary design of the BF-H190 bronchoscope, powered by EVIS EXERA III, advances diagnostic bronchoscopy with outstanding handling, improved functionality, and unmatched image quality.

Key Benefits:
  • Rotary Function: Insertion tube rotation of up to 120° left and right effectively reduces hand torque by 82% when compared to previous generation Olympus bronchoscopes and supports easier insertion and positioning of endoscopic devices.
  • 210° Tip Angulation: The wide angulation range can be maintained even when an endoscopic device is inserted, making it easier to access difficult-to-reach areas.
  • HDTV: The brighter, crystal clear images delivered by true HDTV enable more detailed observation of bronchial surfaces during bronchoscopy.


  • Diameter: 5.1mm
  • Working Length: 60cm
  • Instrument Channel: 2.0mm
  • Field of View: 120 degrees
  • Angulation Range:  Up: 210, Down: 130, Right: 120, Left: 120
Large high definition bronchoscopic image
The extraordinary image quality of the BF-H190 renders all details of the bronchial tree with superb HDTV sharpness and clarity. Its distal end and insertion tube measure only 5.5 mm and 5.1 mm respectively, making it ideal for routine bronchoscopy.

Narrow Band Imaging capability further increased
NBI is a valuable tool for revealing neoangiogenic changes in the submucosal tissue. NBI capability is now twice the visible distance than before due to the improved performance of the system components. Thus NBI now becomes a really effective observation mode enabling analysis of vascular structures in high contrast.

Improved maneuverability
The unique insertion tube rotation function allows 120° rotation in each direction. This allows precise targeting and biopsy of subsegmental bronchi and evaluation of bronchial subsegments by EBUS miniature probes. This function allows the bronchoscopist to have better body posture in spite of difficult intubating position.

2.0 mm diameter instrument channel
The standard 2.0 mm instrument channel of this bronchoscope accommodates a wide range of EndoTherapy instruments for diagnostic and interventional purposes. It is also compatible with electrosurgical and laser devices.

Scope ID function
The videobronchoscope has a built-in memory chip, allowing scope information to be displayed on the monitor. This enables tracking of video bronchoscopes in the endoscopy unit.

Compatible with reprocessing workflows
  • The BF-H190 can be embedded into existing cleaning and disinfection workflows, supporting full traceability and documentation of all reprocessing-relevant phases. The scope is also waterproof, making water-resistant caps unnecessary for cleangin, dryying and storing
  • The BF-H190 is fully compatible with Olympus ETD washer and disinfectants. In addition, Olympus endoscope drying cabinet provides endoscopes with drying and storage facilities for extended periods under safe conditions.
Olympus endoscopes are able to undergo ETO and plasma sterilisation. For more details on compatible reprocessing, please contact your representative.

M.D. Endoscopy offers the following warranty Terms and Conditions for all equipment purchased and complete refurbishment repairs:

The following warranty terms will last for 24-months from the date of purchase.

Coverage shall include all parts (24-months) and labor (24-months) incurred to the customer from any manufacturer or replacement part defects.

The customer shall be responsible for parts and labor charges for any and all repairs determined by M.D. Endoscopy to be caused by misuse, mishandling, excessive wear & tear, or accidental damage.

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Warranty shall also be voided should the equipment be sold to another individual or company.

EXAMPLES of client misuse, mishandling, or accidental damage include:

  1. Puncturing the scopes internal tubing with biopsy forceps, cleaning brush, or other items.
  2. Dropping or knocking equipment.
  3. Flooding of scope or equipment through failure to adhere to leak test procedures or misuse.
  4. Instruments closed or slammed in cabinet, doorway, or similar structures.


Warranty agreement shall begin on date of client purchase and shall run concurrently for 24 months, including weekends and holidays until expiration.