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MD Endoscopy, Inc. is fully functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Endoscopy Equipment Purchase

M.D. Endoscopy will buy all Olympus and Pentax endoscopes and used endoscopy equipment.

We buy both large diameter GI endoscopes such as Colonoscopes, Gastroscopes, Duodenoscopes, Sigmoidoscopes and small diameter endoscopes such as Bronchoscopes, Rhinolaryngoscopes, Cystoscopes, Ureteroscopes and Intubation Scopes. We purchase Video Processors, Light Sources, Monitors, Printers, Image Capture Devices, Endoscopy Accessories and Endoscope Disposables. We pay top dollar and will meet/beat any reputable companies purchase offer.

Sample Types of Endoscopy Equipment

We Buy, Sell and Repair

Olympus Colonoscopes (CF-HQ190L, CF-H190L, PCF-PH190L, PCF-H190DL, PCF-H190L, CF-H180AL, CF-Q180AL, PCF-H180AL, PCF-Q180AL, CF-2T160L, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, CF-Q140L, etc)

Olympus Gastroscopes (GIF-HQ190, GIF-H190, GIF-1TH190, GIF-XP190N, GIF-H180J, GIF-H180, GIF-Q180, GIF-N180, GIF-XP180N, GIF-2T160, GIF-Q160, GIF-160, GIF-XP160, GIF-Q140, GIF-140, etc)

Olympus Bronchoscopes (BF-H190, BF-1TH190, BF-Q190, BF-MP190F, BF-P190, BF-XP190, BF-1T180, BF-Q180AC, BF-Q180, BF-1TQ180, BF-P180, BF-P160, BF-1T160, BF-160, BF-3C160, etc)

Olympus Processors/Light Sources (CV-190, CLV-190, CV-180, CLV-180, CV-160, CLV-160, CV-140, CLV-U40)

Pentax Colonoscopes (EC-3890Li, EC-3890LK, EC-3890TLK, EC-3490Li, EC-3490LK, EC-3872TLK, EC-3872LK, EC-3870LK, EC-3470LK, etc)

Pentax Gastroscopes (EG-2990i, EG-2990K, EG2790K, EG-1690K, EG-1580K, EG-2970K, EG-2770K, EG-2470K, EG-1870K, etc)

Pentax Processors/Light Sources (EPK-i7000, EPK-i5010, EPK-i, EPK-1000, etc)

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