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How Much Does a Olympus Duodenoscope Cost?

Olympus Duodenoscope

05/28/2020 As one of the Leaders in the Sales and Service of Olympus Endoscopes and Endoscopy Equipment, we at MD Endoscopy Inc. have learned that many buyers such as Gastroenterologists, Colon/Rectal Surgeons, Hospitals, Surgery Centers and Administrators are mainly concerned with the pricing of used duodenoscopes and endoscopy equipment. We are asked daily.....

How Much Does a Olympus Duodenoscope Cost?

What is the Olympus Duodenoscope Price?

Unfortunately, the cliche "you get what you pay for" definitely pertains to this industry. With so many third-party companies emerging, we have noticed a decline in the quality being sold from some of these companies. 

Price is definitely important but the Quality of the Used or Refurbished Olympus Duodenoscope should be paramount. Purchasing a Used or Refurbished Olympus Duodenoscope should always be from a company with references, good reputation, repairs in-house, has a warranty that they stand behind and are financially secure. 

With that being said, we at MD Endoscopy would like to finally answer your question........"How much does a Olympus Duodenoscope Cost?" or "What is the Olympus Duodenoscope Price?"

Answer: Simply put it varies. 

The cost variables are as follows:

  • Which Series? Olympus 100, Olympus 140, Olympus 160, Olympus 180 or Olympus 190
  • Age of the duodenoscope
  • Type of duodenoscope
  • Condition of the duodenoscope
  • Our cost of acquiring and refurbishing the duodenoscope

As can be seen, the above factors dictate How much a Olympus Duodenoscopes Costs and the Olympus Duodenoscope Price Questions.

Now we know that isn't what you are wanting to hear or read. So here are some average prices on various Olympus Duodenoscopes. 

  • Refurbished Olympus 100 Series Duodenoscopes: Between $1,250.00 to $2,500.00
  • Refurbished Olympus 140 Series Duodenoscopes: Between $3,500.00 to $5,000.00
  • Refurbished Olympus 160 Series Duodenoscopes: Between $7,250.00 to $8,500.00
  • Refurbished Olympus 180 Series Duodenoscopes: Average: $15,500.00
  • Refurbished Olympus 190 Series Duodenoscopes: Just Received FDA Approval this year

We will be writing follow-up articles on the average price of each type of endoscope such as Olympus GastroscopesOlympus ColonoscopesOlympus Sigmoidoscopes, Olympus Bronchoscopes, etc.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and if we can be of any further service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to earning your business and exceeding your expectations.

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