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MD Endoscopy Refurbished Scopes vs. New from Olympus

Refurbished Endoscope

04/04/2020 Does your facility need to buy more endoscopes? Do you buy new from Olympus or do you save money and buy Refurbished from a third party endoscopy company (like.....MD Endoscopy)? If you ask Olympus they will tell you all kinds of horrible things about third party sales and service companies. What Olympus won't tell you is that the subpar repairs they send pictures of in their newsletters are from the worst of the worst repairs they see.

They will never show you the expert repairs and parts from most third party service companies. You can't always believe everything you read in the Olympus newletters......think about it..... how honest is Olympus when they lost a $600M scheme lawsuit and we all know about the duodenoscope super bug outbreak which killed hundreds of patients all over the US. How many of you knew that during this outbreak, Olympus decided to increase their profits even more by having a 28% price hike on new TJF-Q180V endoscopes. Profits are necessary for any business but profiting from horrific situations is unconscionable.

The business practices from the majority of third party endoscope sales and service companies like ourselves, have a very different approach at making money and its called hard work, dedication and integrity. We all know you have many options when buying scopes so we do our best to assure you receive the best quality and the most affordable scopes, repairs and equipment. If you have never purchased Refurbished endoscopes before, please give us a try and see the difference it makes in your practice. We would love to hear of your experience with third party repair companies and even any stories of Olympus.

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