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Preparation for Middle Digestive Endoscopy

Like all medical studies, digestive endoscopy also requires certain precautions and considerations to make it runs well. The endoscopist, and in part the anesthesiologist, are the general practitioners within the endoscopy room. Therefore, they must know everything about the patient and their overall health status before the start of the practice.

Other important factors include the age, body weight, medication received, hours of fasting, etc., as well as the type of endoscope that will take place.

In the pre-anesthesia consultation, an interrogation is carried out. It can be a brief physical examination, and the complementary studies and meetings necessary to perform the endoscopy without fright are reviewed.

Not all pre-anesthetic evaluations are done outside the endoscopy room or the operating room. Sometimes, they are performed directly inside before sedation begins.

This assessment of the patient allows facing the endoscopic procedure in the best possible conditions for each case. As a general rule, it is possible to advance a series of precautions before attending the study.

#1 Diets

It is essential that the digestive tract be free of food debris. It is to improve the visualization of the internal lining and to avoid eventual vomiting of the patient.

The video endoscope can only correctly capture the images of the digestive tract with the condition that it is empty and clean. Otherwise, the study could be difficult.

The patient is strongly requested:

  • Drink clear liquids in abundance (water, tea or very light coffee, defatted broths, gelatin, moisturizers without dyes, filtered fruit juices) during the days before endoscopy
  • Go on an absolute fast (which means that the patient should not ingest even water)

#2 Medicines

It is essential that the patient reports all the medications he uses, either periodically, temporarily or eventually.

  • If the patient has diabetes and uses insulin or oral medication, he should remember that he will be fasting for several hours. It is prudent not to use these drugs until after the endoscopy has been completed.
  • If a patient takes acetylsalicylic acid - aspirin in any of its presentations - daily or sporadically, it is essential that the endoscopist knows.
  • If a patient is given antibiotics (for example, to undergo dental procedures), the patient should inform them before performing the endoscopy.
  • If a patient is taking anticoagulants (for example, acenocoumarol, heparin or warfarin), the patient must go to the hematologist to receive instructions at least one week before the date of the endoscopy shift.
  • The patient is often asked only to stop taking medications that affect blood clotting or to interact with the sedatives. Sometimes, it requires a consultation with the professionals who indicated the medication.

#3 Allergies

It is essential that the patient reports on any allergy to medications and medical conditions such as heart or lung diseases and the presence of dental prostheses. It is essential for endoscopist and anesthesiologist on duty to know if the patient suffers from any drug allergy. This is to prevent an autoimmune shock.

The adverse reactions can range from irritation, or mild side effects (such as nausea and vomiting), to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Most pharmacological allergies cause minor side effects. However, it is desirable that they do not occur during an endoscopic procedure.

The most common allergy-causing drugs are usually:

  • the anticonvulsants
  • insulin
  • contrast media for iodinated X-rays
  • penicillin and related antibiotics
  • sulfonamides
  • certain anesthetics

Some adverse reactions to drugs are considered "idiosyncratic,". It is an unusual effect of the drug on the person.

It is advisable for the patient to plan the activity before and after the endoscopy to avoid surprises and setbacks. Moreover, having quality endoscopy tools are essential. If you are endoscopist or medical practitioners looking for endoscopes, feel free to check our catalog of quality refurbished endoscopy equipment. With us,u00a0you will get the best quality endoscopes with the best priceu00a0on the market.

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