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Conditions Diagnosed Using An Upper Endoscopy

How Is An Upper Endoscopy Performed?

An upper endoscopy procedure is performed by feeding a long and flexible tube (an endoscope) with a camera attached to it down the patient’s esophagus and into their stomach and duodenum. The endoscope will pump air into the patient’s stomach, making it easier for the small camera to send a video image to a monitor. The doctor will use this monitor to examine the lining of the upper GI tract. This fifteen to thirty minute procedure will be performed by a gastroenterologist, surgeon, or other health care provider who has been trained to do so. The patient will receive light sedation prior to beginning the in-house procedure, which should wear off with an hour or two.

Symptoms Doctors Will Perform An Upper Endoscopy For

A doctor will perform an upper endoscopy when abnormal symptoms are present, or when lab tests come back abnormal. Symptoms that a doctor may perform one for are:

-          Persistent heartburn

-          Bleeding

-          Nausea and vomiting

-          Pain

-          Unexplained weight loss

-          Problems swallowing

-          and other symptoms

Conditions Diagnosed Using An Upper Endoscopy

Doctors can use an upper endoscopy to diagnose many different diseases. Some of these include:

-          Anemia

-          Gastroesophageal reflux disease

-          Ulcers

-          Cancer

-          Inflammation, or swelling

-          Precancerous abnormalities

-          Celiac disease

A few of these conditions will require a biopsy to complete the diagnosis. A doctor will obtain the biopsy by passing an instrument through the endoscope to acquire a piece of tissue. This piece of tissue will be small and is needed for proper diagnosis of conditions, such as:

-          Cancer

-          Celiac disease

-          Gastritis

Other Reasons A Doctor Will Perform An Upper Endoscopy

Other reasons a doctor can use an upper endoscopy are:

-          Treat conditions

-          Dilate strictures

-          Remove objects that are caught in the upper GI tract

Endoscopes are important to utilize in the medical field when properly diagnosing numerous diseases and conditions. They’re able to provide doctors with a clearer image than ultrasounds, making a condition easier to diagnose. M.D. Endoscopy has nearly 27 years of experience in endoscope sales and repair. Because we value our customers, we provide the only 24-month warranty in the business. Visit to learn more about us, view our products, and/or contact us.

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