Olympus LF-DP PortaView Intubation Fiberscope

Olympus LF-DP PortaView Intubation Fiberscope


-Warranty: 24-Months
-Return Policy: 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 
-Condition: Certified Pre-Owned | Refurbished
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For Sale: Refurbished Olympus LF-DP Portable Intubation Endoscopes

Certified Pre-Owned with a 24 month warranty.

The PortaView® LF-DP is a portable tracheal intubation fiberscope for use in a variety of settings and is ideal for emergency procedures where intubation of the trachea is required. Its slim 3.1 mm diameter insertion tube makes it well suited for insertion and position confirmation of double-lumen endobronchial tubes often used during differential lung ventilation. The scope is compatible with double-lumen tubes 32 Fr. or greater.

Key Benefits
  • Maximum portability: With an integrated miniature light source, the LF-DP ensures maximum portability for use in a variety of settings and is ideal for emergency procedures where mobile intubation of the trachea is required.
  • Bright images: Even with its small diameter, the LF-DP provides bright, high-quality images due to world-renowned Olympus optics along with the latest LED technology.
  • Compatible design: The LF-DP is compatible with conventional light sources and video systems for versatility.


  • Diameter: 3.1mm
  • Working Length: 600mm
  • Instrument Channel: 1.2mm
  • Field of View: 90°
  • Angulation Range:  Up: 210, Down: 120
Compatible with light guides and portable light source
Ideal for use in emergency situations, at the bedside, in operating rooms and in ICUs, Olympus' LF fiberscopes with EndoLED light source offer excellent portability, extended battery performance and superior observation capabilities. On the other side LF fiberscopes are compatible with a variety of light guides to ensure use with standard, stationary light sources.

High level brightness
The Olympus EndoLED combines the latest LED technology delivering unprecedented white light with excellent colour reproduction. The high power EndoLED uses a product-specific light focusing technique for outstanding brightness.

Versatile range to meet all scope needs
Whatever your intubation requirements, Olympus's versatile range of PortaView-LF scopes meet endoscopy needs. Consider using the dual-purpose LF-GP, the small-diameter LF-DP or the LF-TP, provided with a 2.6mm suction channel.

Immersible, waterproof design for contamination control
All PortaView-LF scopes are completely waterproof and can be fully immersed in disinfectant solution for thorough reprocessing, so reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The durable design ensures reliable long-term use.


M.D. Endoscopy offers the following warranty Terms and Conditions for all equipment purchased and complete refurbishment repairs:

The following warranty terms will last for 24-months from the date of purchase.

Coverage shall include all parts (24-months) and labor (24-months) incurred to the customer from any manufacturer or replacement part defects.

The customer shall be responsible for parts and labor charges for any and all repairs determined by M.D. Endoscopy to be caused by misuse, mishandling, excessive wear & tear, or accidental damage.

The customer shall be responsible for any and all shipping charges incurred, if equipment is determined to be damaged through misuse or mishandling.

Warranty shall be null and void if determined by M.D. Endoscopy that the equipment has been sent to an outside vendor for parts or labor during the warranty period.

Warranty shall also be voided should the equipment be sold to another individual or company.

EXAMPLES of client misuse, mishandling, or accidental damage include:

  1. Puncturing the scopes internal tubing with biopsy forceps, cleaning brush, or other items.
  2. Dropping or knocking equipment.
  3. Flooding of scope or equipment through failure to adhere to leak test procedures or misuse.
  4. Instruments closed or slammed in cabinet, doorway, or similar structures.


Warranty agreement shall begin on date of client purchase and shall run concurrently for 24 months, including weekends and holidays until expiration.

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