Olympus EVIS EXERA III CV-190 Series Endoscopy System

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Certified pre-owned with an 24 month warranty.

Compatible with 190, 180, 160, 150, 140, 130 and 100 series video endoscopes

The Olympus CV-190 Video Endoscopy System includes the following equipment:
CV-190 Video Processor, CLV-190 Xenon Light Source, CF-Q190L, CF-HQ190L or PCF-H190L Video Colonoscope, GIF-H190 or GIF-HQ190 Video Gastroscope,  32" HD LED Monitor, NDS 26" Radiance  Medical Monitor, procedure cart and suction pump.

Accessories included are cases, valves, biopsy port covers, soaking cap, cleaning brush, biopsy forceps, pigtail, keyboard and water bottle.

Photograph is for reference only as each system is customized with specific features and options to fit your budgetary needs.
Image capture device: MediCapture USB-170, MediCapture USB-200 or Zscan 7i image & video capture and document creation system

Monitors:  Olympus OEV-191, Sony LMD-2140MD, Radiance 19″ standard defintion or Phillip 23″ screen

Carts:  Olympus WM-60, Olympus WM-30,  Olympus WM-SC, Olympus TI-1900, Olympus TV-2 or A/V cart

Many other scopes available as well, including bronchoscopes, duodenoscopes, sigmoidoscopes and slim & therapeutic versions

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