Monthly Specials

New, Used and Refurbished Endoscopes

We Buy, Sell and Repair all major types of endoscopes and endoscopy equipment. Here are some exampes:

Olympus Colonoscopes (CF-HQ190L, CF-H190L, PCF-PH190L, PCF-H190DL, PCF-H190L, CF-H180AL, CF-Q180AL, PCF-H180AL, PCF-Q180AL, CF-2T160L, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, CF-Q140L, etc)

Olympus Gastroscopes (GIF-HQ190, GIF-H190, GIF-1TH190, GIF-XP190N, GIF-H180J, GIF-H180, GIF-Q180, GIF-N180, GIF-XP180N, GIF-2T160, GIF-Q160, GIF-160, GIF-XP160, GIF-Q140, GIF-140, etc)

Olympus Bronchoscopes (BF-H190, BF-1TH190, BF-Q190, BF-MP190F, BF-P190, BF-XP190, BF-1T180, BF-Q180AC, BF-Q180, BF-1TQ180, BF-P180, BF-P160, BF-1T160, BF-160, BF-3C160, etc)

Olympus Processors/Light Sources (CV-190, CLV-190, CV-180, CLV-180, CV-160, CLV-160, CV-140, CLV-U40)

Pentax Colonoscopes (EC-3890Li, EC-3890LK, EC-3890TLK, EC-3490Li, EC-3490LK, EC-3872TLK, EC-3872LK, EC-3870LK, EC-3470LK, etc)

Pentax Gastroscopes (EG-2990i, EG-2990K, EG2790K, EG-1690K, EG-1580K, EG-2970K, EG-2770K, EG-2470K, EG-1870K, etc)

Pentax Processors/Light Sources (EPK-i7000, EPK-i5010, EPK-i, EPK-1000, etc)