We sell Colonoscopes, Gastroscopes, Bronchoscopes, Duodenoscopes, Sigmoidoscopes, Rhinolaryngoscopes, Cystoscopes, Video Processors, Light Sources, Endoscopy Accessories and Disposables.

New, Used and Refurbished Endoscopes

We Buy, Sell and Repair all major types of endoscopes and endoscopy equipment. Here are some exampes:

Olympus Colonoscopes (CF-HQ190L, CF-H190L, PCF-PH190L, PCF-H190D, CF-H180AL, CF-Q180AL, PCF-H180AL, PCF-Q180AL, CF-2T160L, CF-Q160AL, CF-Q160L, CF-Q140L, etc)

Olympus Gastroscopes (GIF-HQ190, GIF-H190, GIF-1TH190, GIF-XP190N, GIF-H180J, GIF-H180, GIF-Q180, GIF-N180, GIF-XP180N, GIF-2T160, GIF-Q160, GIF-160, GIF-XP160, GIF-Q140, GIF-140, etc)

Olympus Bronchoscopes (BF-H190, BF-1TH190, BF-Q190, BF-MP190F, BF-P190, BF-XP190, BF-1T180, BF-Q180AC, BF-Q180, BF-1TQ180, BF-P180, BF-P160, BF-1T160, BF-160, BF-3C160, etc)

Olympus Processors/Light Sources (CV-190, CV-180, CV-160, CLV-190, CLV-180, CLV-160, etc)

Pentax Colonoscopes (EC-3890Li, EC-3890LK, EC-3890TLK, EC-3490Li, EC-3490LK, EC-3872TLK, EC-3872LK, EC-3870LK, EC-3470LK, etc)

Pentax Gastroscopes (EG-2990i, EG-2990K, EG2790K, EG-1690K, EG-1580K, EG-2970K, EG-2770K, EG-2470K, EG-1870K, etc)

Pentax Processors/Light Sources (EPK-i7000, EPK-i5010, EPK-i, EPK-1000, etc)